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24 July 2013

Guatemala - Alicia My Little Princess

This is definitely one of those hard to write posts. I am sure a few tears will be shed as I type. This little girl stole my heart from the start. I remember going in to help dress the littles the first morning we were at the Orphanage and there she was all crazy hair and dirty diaper mess first thing in the morning but she was precious. She has Cerebral Palsy and I would love nothing more than to bring her home to me in the US and love on her every single day. Give her the best possible speech and physical therapy there is while surrounding her with love and care.
She is two and a half and has been in the orphanage since birth as the mom can't or doesn't want to take care of her and the dad has traveled to the US. Sad sad deal. She is loved on like crazy at the orphanage by the other kids, the missionaries, and the caretakers of the orphanage. So she is happy and healthy - I just want more for her. Want her to be tucked in every night and cuddled if she's having a bad night or day. Want her to get the best possible care so she can excel and be her best self.

That smile is a killer. It filled my heart with joy every time I would see her and she would come running to me with a smile and messy outfit or face. Poor thing is just a messy messy little girl but so lovable and precious. Oh Guatemala why do you have to close all adoptions to the US when I fall in love with a little girl? So not fair. I can still help though - I can sponsor her though Children of Promise International. A monthly donation of either $30 or $50 helps sponsor Alicia and the others in the orphanage. It provides them with food, clothing, shelter, school, all the basics. Amazing to me that an amount I spend on a nice lunch or dinner can sponsor a child for a month! We are oh so blessed and lucky here in the US. I also plan to send her cloths and toys when I can with the other mission teams that head to Guatemala and Hogar de Vida. If anyone else is interested in sponsoring you can go to www.homesoflife.org for more information. The children are sponsored through Children of Promise International. You can also email Vickie Sutton, one of the missionaries at the orphanage, at homeoflifeguat@gmail.com and she will answer any questions you have or help you set up a sponsorship. Just think how great you will feel knowing you are impacting the lives of children like Alicia.

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