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25 July 2013

The Farmhouse of my Dreams

Taking a break from posting Guatemala pictures today to share with you a mini farm (currently a large farm but being split into a smaller farm) and farmhouse I have fallen head over heels in love with. It's the fanciest farmhouse I have ever seen and beyond gorgeous. The huge thick woodwork that I perfer, big open spacious rooms, wood floors (under the ugly carpet), old house charm, the list could go on. Dreamy I tell you! Although this house does beg to be filled to the brim with a family, not a single chick....

I even love some of this crazy vintage wallpaper!

As if the house itself wasn't enough to charm me then you throw in all these bonus buildings. I have always dreamed of owning a barn (preferrably red but this needs a coat of paint anyway) and lookie here a barn! And a crazy big horse barn with neat old stalls, a random bonus shed, some corn cribs - possible future chicken house, a silo, the list goes on. Granted some need torn down or sold but some are perfect. I can picture in my mind the farm I would have, the animals I could raise, the amazing garden I could grow. Ahhhhhhh country life why do you tempt me so????

Of course this home isn't in the city limits so it presents a big challenge as a requirement of city council is obiovulsy to live in the city limits. If it weren't for this major hiccup I would have put an offer in yesterday! I just can't stop thinking about this place and how perfect it is for me. Any other city dwellers dying to live in the country? Am I the only crazy one?? Am I crazy enough to buy it and have two homes (both this home and my current home have rental options)?!?!

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