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26 July 2013

You are Enough

It is so easy to let the actions or words of others test one’s self esteem or self worth. We live in a world of 24/7 comparisons thanks to Facebook, Blogs, Instagram and of course texting. Very quickly one can feel inadequate or let negative comments chip away our value. The last day in Guatemala Norman, one of the missionaries, shared this song with us as a remind to each of us how important we are in God’s eyes and how valued we truly are.

 I have listened to this song daily since then, sometimes several times a day. Such a great reminder and helps build up a shield against the negative. Thankful for this amazing song and thank you God for creating all of your perfect children. Now to try to focus daily on positive and uplifting feedback instead of rejection or negativity. Even more important I am going to try to spread love to everyone I cherish and encounter with reassurance of their worth and great qualities, spread praise for their good deeds. Build people up instead of knocking them down.

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