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02 August 2013

The Kids of Hogar de Vida

These kids stole my heart. They truly did. I expected to have fun and maybe feel sorry for them being stuck in an orphanage but never in a million years did I expect to fall in love with them. I so badly wanted to bring them home with me and buy that crazy big farmhouse and give them all a warm loving home, a great education, a Christian home, and a future that is wide open for their taking. 

They were wild and crazy at times and sweet and loving other times. I was surprised at how much I enjoyed the random play dates in the mornings, no structure, just playing with these hoodlums - trying to find ways to keep them occupied and happy. I quickly realized being a mom is a whole lot of work but also very rewarding.

All the kids were great but the three youngest are the three I was smitten with and ready to scoop up. Oh Hermelinda, Oscar, and Alicia you three kill me! They were beyond adorable and had the biggest personalities to go with their looks. I have no idea how I would have ever told them no or disciplined them!

It was fun to let them try new things - like the water bucket - and see their delight. I forgot how simple life is for children.

Several weeks have passed since I left Guatemala but I still miss these munchkins and still have great memories of the time I did spend with them, loving on them, and giving them attention. Why oh why can't we adopt from Guatemala!!!

Can't leave this post without a quick plug that all the kids in the Orphanage need sponsors so if you are interested the link to sponsor is: www.homesoflife.org or email Vickie, one of the missionaries, and homeoflifeguat@gmail.com. 

You will get letters and updates about the child you choose to sponsor and a warmth in your heart knowing you are making a difference and providing them a home full of love and warmth, even if it isn't the traditional home many of us grew up in. It is still a loving Christian home where they are provided with meals, clothing, and a chance at education they would never receive otherwise.

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