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31 May 2013

Paradise - Well at Least the View

 I have fallen in love with this view! It's amazing and nothing but fields for miles. How relaxing and calming.                                                                

The house itself I'm not quite as in love with. It has some sort of medieval theme going on and also some slightly shoddy finish working. But it's without a doubt all fixeable and truly is livable as is even if not aesthetically pleasing to my eyes. The layout is honestly perfect for a cabin and it's a decent size and built very solid. The fireplace has me won over.

Once you step outside on the deck and all stress just melts away. I can imagine lazy mornings over tea and leisurely dinners.

Seriously considering this as a new cabin and also as a rental for Hunters. Anyone want to come to Niobrara and hunt or unwind?

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