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03 June 2013

Grandpa's Lilacs

My Grandpa VanEvery had an amazing green thumb and loved all things outdoors. He had gardens to die for, flowers galore, you name it. Essentially until the final few months of his life he could be found piddling around with his plants. My mom has an even better green thumb. I am slowly trying to learn the ropes!

Lucky for me I bought my grandparents home so I am blessed with a few remnants of his green thumb days. One of my favorites is his lilac tree. Every year when it blooms brings back great memories and the smell is divine. Sadly I missed good pics of the tree/bush this year but I was able to snap these few of this crazy tree in Niobrara that he also planted. So pretty - with our dilapidated cabin in the background.

These pictures don't fully represent how large this tree/bush is. It encompasses two sides of this sad cabin. We also took a bit of time to weed out his and my mom's rhubarb patch at the cabin. Another favorite of mine this time of year - I love strawberry rhubarb anything!

Running clothes and work boots are an appropriate combo right? Yikes!

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