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07 May 2013

Flowers for a Cause

Finally sunshine and spring weather. I am rejoicing! I was so tempted to just blow off all plans last night and sit on my deck with a cool drink and soak in the sun (well obviously I would never blow off city council or dinner with grandpa but it was quite tough to force myself indoors).

I went to a fundraiser Friday for the Midlands Humane Society - Run for the Wet Noses. Cute right? Some of the silent auction items were gorgeous flowers so it was the perfect excuse to start on my summer porch decorating. Pretty flowers and helping out a great cause = win win!

Now just need this weather to stick around so I can plant more flowers in my backyard! But for now this little space certainly makes me happy. I usually stick to all pink and purple but this year decided to mix in a bit of yellow. So far I am liking the extra pop of cheery color.

I found out just last night that not only was a large amount of money raised at Friday's Humane society fundraiser it also encouraged adoption. All but two dogs were adopted from the shelter by the end of the weekend. Amazing!!!

"They will fight against you but will not overcome you, for I am with you and will rescue you." declares the Lord. Jeremiah 1:19

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