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30 May 2013

Sometimes You Just need a Bonfire

When the weather is cooperating and everything is nice and green a bonfire always seems the perfect entertainment for a relaxing evening. A quick set up during the day (to include some strategic mowing to keep everyone out of the high grass).

And voila cheap wholesome evening fun.

Nothing beats being able to spend time with family and friends while relaxing outdoors.

Of course adorable little munchkins make everything more entertaining. Love these four kids (one sadly isn't pictured) and it's fun watching them grow up and become more independet. They of course couldn't stay out of the tall grass.

I'm sure this S'more was nice and burnt - all marshmellows came out black and crispy it seems as kids don't have the patience to let them slowly brown.

I obviously needed my tripod or better camera skills as sadly some of these are blurry.

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