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06 May 2013

Lincoln Half Marathon 2013 Recap

I will admit I almost didn't run this race. It was cold and drizzly all day Saturday and I had a lot I wanted to accomplish in a very short time frame. I had just ran the Gambler Half two weeks prior and had no burning desire to prove I could run another. Luckily several runners in our group - thanks Brandy and Christine! - encouraged me to run. Totally worth stepping away from tasks and "to-do" lists to spend time with this great group and force myself to tackle goals.
"I run because I can
When I get tired
I remember those who can't
what they would give to have this
simple gift I take for granted
and I run harder for them.

I know they would do the same for me"

I wasn't expecting anything stellar - last year I had a HORRIBLE time for the Lincoln half and I truly wasn't motivated. It sadly was way way too cold for my cute running skirt pictured above but at least it wasn't raining. I decided to just run and give it my best without torturing my body and call it good.

I got lucky and had a pretty decent race for me. Nothing for the record books but considering my lack of training and motivation it wasn't awful (those other girls pictures above were beyond speedy with times like 1:36, 1:46, 1:47 wowza and kudos girls! The boys both finished their first half also deserving of kudos). Overall time was 2:11:50, an average pace of 10:04 a mile. Far from my fastest but also a lot better than the last few races I ran. Splits were as follows:  5k, 30:01, 10k 1:00:30, 15k 1:31:56. As always I started off a lot stronger than I finished but I finished.

I truly do feel blessed that I have this ability and opportunity to run as I know so many others do not. It is without a doubt a gift. I celebrated the finish with Berkshire Hathaway Shareholder Meeting fun - mimosas and shopping??? Sounds perfect to me!

Now if only I could find some time for a massage to reward my tired muscles from two Half Marathons in the last month! Probably wont happen considering that "to-do" list is still quite long.


Rebekka said...

Just found your blog and am so inspired. I tried so hard to run a half marathon a few weeks ago, but the rain scared me (Country Music 1/2 and full here in Nashville). Good job!!

Raquel said...

Mimosas & shopping, perfect way to end the day : )