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20 January 2010

Guest Bedroom Redo

I never posted after photos of the Guest Bedroom when I finished it this summer. Here are a few refresher before photos:

Nasty. Old shag carpet, dirty stained walls, water stains, etc…Definitely not fit for a guest.

And here it is today.

Freshly painted walls and ceiling (except for the darn water mark), furniture repurposed

(the bed was mine in high school and the dresser was from a goodwill store), wood floors refinished, new fixtures.

Major improvement in my eyes! I am quite happy with how it turned out. I realize I still need accessories to make the room more inviting. Also please ignore the baseboards as they are going to be stripped and stained to match the rest of the woodwork. But it is progress. I am not sure about the art above the bed either - but for now it is staying.

*Aeisha is normally not allowed in this room due to many guests being allergic. Of course she had to take advantage of the small opportunity while taking photos.


paula said...

oh my, what a transformation!

Melissa said...

Thanks! Still a lot to do but figure enough down to share.