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14 January 2010


I just received this email at work. Subject line: Open Immediately: Survey of potential interest to support efforts in Haiti - Due COB 14 Jan. The TDY's are short (30-60 days) so cause very little interruption to my commitments in Council Bluffs (City Council). I have the skill set needed, the experience, the required shots, the passport, and most important the desire. Unfortunately right now my office is in limbo due to medical issues with our Chief Counsel. My acting Chief (who is retired and was supposed to be here for only a few months….) would prefer no one from this office accept an assignment. Disappointing as would have been an amazing experience and would have satisfied my current lust for adventure, travel, and service. I have faith that everything will align and I will get another opportunity to give back and help others in the future. Until then my thoughts and prayers go to all of those in Haiti suffering .

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