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15 January 2010

Kreycik Riverview Elk & Buffalo Ranch

My family is traveling back to Niobrara, Nebraska this weekend. Sadly I think I am loosing the cabin battle. I must admit this is a win win situation so no real looser. Either cabin will create many memories, family time, relax time, and much more. Plus if I loose it means my parents are buying. This equals more money for overseas vacations for I. This summer we visited the Kreycik Riverview Elk & Buffalo Ranch in Niobrara and I never posted photos. Figure now is a great time – makes me yearn for green pasture and sunny skies!

Kreycik Ranch host hunts where you are guaranteed a kill (sounds brutal when put that way) and also covered wagon excursions.

We chose the wagon. I like Bison meat, but I don’t have a need for a whole Buffalo and I am a terrible shot. The covered wagons are driven by the owner – a true farmer.

Overalls - check, farmer tan - check, 4 wheeler and dog - check.

His wife was our guide. First up were the female Elk along with the single male Elk used for breeding...

A few were actually pets, such as ol Susie here.

Next we moved into the Buffalo pasture,

These animals are ginormous! Around 2,000 pounds or more each. Oddly even with their size they seemed quite friendly.

Probably because they wanted the corn we fed them. The hair was crazy.

mixed in with the Buffalo is an old long horn steer named Boomer.

The next stop on the wagon trail were to visit the European deer, called Fallow Deer. They are mini version of our deer essentially.

And the final sighting – all the male Elks.

Great great tour, great people, fun for all ages. I highly recommend it if you are in the area. I really want a set of antlers. I have now been there twice and both times walk out empty handed (almost empty handed, I always purchase bison meat), next time I visit the farm I am going home with antlers! I think they would be a perfect accessory for our cabin.

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