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19 January 2010

Home Woes

I decided to be brave and have a home energy audit done by Black Hills Energy yesterday. Over the phone the auditor suggested it would take about an hour. Turns out it took more like three hours. I now have a three page list with suggestions for a more efficient home. Some things are easy and cheap some quite difficult and pricey. A bit overwhelming for sure!! However, I would recommend it to everyone as it is free, you get a handful (or two) of free energy efficient light bulbs, a new shower head (also free), and rebates if you complete their recommendations. The auditor was great and very positive the entire time, even if in his mind he was thinking this home is a nightmare, he never let on. During our audit I discovered this:

Perfect. My freshly painted guest room ceiling now has a water stain. Thank you 40+ inches of snow in one month. Luckily the snow is melting and it should be an easy fix (it could have been WAY worse). Once it dries I can use killz and repaint. Just overly frustrating as 95% of my ceilings need painted, does water leak into those rooms? Nope leaks into one of three rooms that has a newly painted ceiling. Oh the joys of home ownership, especially old home ownership. I also have a big task ahead of me that I keep putting off.

Sanding and staining all of these boards for the main floor. Some are mop boards? Others are new baseboards. This is only about a 1/3 of them. Fun times ahead for me. I need a deadline as otherwise its never going to get done.


Jeanneoli said...

I didn't know that they would do an audit like that. Very cool...but three hours?????

Melissa said...

Mine took three hours as my house was built in 1895 or 1910 so its crazy old and FAR from energy effecient. A smaller home or a home with less problems would probably be closer to the hour mark. Totally worth it, even if it was a long three hours!