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12 January 2010

First Council Meeting

Was last night. I was nervous, excited, jittery, anxious, among a million other emotions. Once the meeting was underway and I relaxed a little it was an amazing experience. I am very excited for the next four years and this wonderful opportunity.

Staff photo/Tim Rohwer (Daily Nonpareil) - Melissa Head, right, prepares for her first meeting as a member of Council Bluffs City Council Monday evening as fellow Councilwoman Lynne Branigan looks on.
I have posted several articles from today’s papers on my Head4CB blog. I know it is cheesy and quite superficial, but I can’t help it. I get excited when I see my name or photo in the paper. Makes me feel famous!! Also means I must put additional thought into wardrobe and hair/makeup, especially on council days since the meetings are broadcasted. Too bad we don’t get a stylist and stipend for wardrobe along with our council salary!!

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