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08 January 2010

Dreaming of Sunshine

Negative digits today for our temperature with predictions of -25 overnight (temperature not wind chill!!) Arctic!! Days like this make me long for a sunny beach. Around this time last year I took a trip to Mexico with a great group of friends. The weather was ideal. (although at the time I was just returning from life in the desert so I didn’t fully appreciate it)

The scenery perfect.

The company fun.

I want a tan (a real tan not a tanning bed tan), a run on the beach, a cocktail, and relaxation. Anyone else ready for a vacation???


paula said...

we just got back from the beach not too long ago, although it was still a bit chilly. oh, and yes I am already for another vacation.

Sara @ Russet Street Reno said...

Uh, heck yes I'm ready for a vacation!! Thanks for your lovely comment on my dressing room, I'm glad I inspired you to wrangle your closet into shape! ha