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05 August 2014

Fortin Conde de Mirasol - Vieques

We had always seen the fort but had never taken the time to visit. This last trip we decided we really should visit the Fort as my dad wanted to learn more about the history of the Island.

 “El Fortin” is administered by the Puerto Rican Institute of Culture (ICP). El Fortin Code de Mirasol was constructed between 1845-1855 on a hill overlooking Isabel II, this fort was built with the intention to protect the port. It originally housed the Spanish militia, who would guard the island of Vieques against invading countries and pirates. However, it was never used in defense of Vieques. It served as a jail for both the Spanish and later for the US. It was abandoned in the 1940s and fell into disrepair. It has since been restored and is now a museum. A lot of history about the island (although beware a majority is in Spanish) and amazing views.


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