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22 August 2014

A Dreamy Country Chapel

I blogged about this historic gorgeous church in Niobrara years ago. At the time the church and lot were for sale. Sadly they wanted way more than I was willing or able to pay for a dillapadated building, plus I had no use for the lot.

Today I find out it is about to be demoloshed as the new owner has plans for the lot. Talk about sad.Heratbreaking to think of something so unique and pretty being torn down. Even worse is the owner told me he had been trying for months to find someone to take, yes take as in for FREE, this church off the property. Whaaaaatttt?? I would have gladly done this.

Some guy is in there now taking what he wants for salvage to include the cool windows and some woodwork. But the majority of the building will be left intact. Am I totally insane if I pay someone to move this to our land? I want it on top a hill overlooking the Missouri River. It seems so serene and perfect for weddings or worship retreats.....

Maybe I could try a kickstarter campaign to fund it??

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