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05 September 2013

Our First Camping Trip in the Holiday Rambler

Our fist camping trip in the Holiday Rambler was a complete success! We all loved every minute of it. My dad, Grandpa, and Rhonda only half camped (they didn't stay over night) ;) but we had a great time together enjoying the views, the company, and the new to us motor home. We made delicious campfire dinners, snacks, and breakfast, played cards, got eaten alive by bugs, enjoyed the cool night air, and most important spent quality time together.

I can't wait to go on another camping adventure, next time for a few days instead of just one. We are so lucky to have the Niobrara State Park a mere two miles from our cabin so it makes camping crazy easy. I also can't believe what a bargain this motor home was. Everything works like a charm! Obviously it's quite dated but at the same time it was clean and free of any stains or odd smells once I put some elbow grease into it. I am sure in the near future we will undertake a modernization and revamping of the Rambler but for now it works just fine.

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