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25 September 2013

Missing Niobrara

Niobrara is my happy place - I've said it a million times. I love how laid back it is, I love the wide open spaces, I love that we have no deadlines and no commitments. Could I live there 24/7? Maybe someday but certainly not now. I am sure I would go crazy in a matter of months. Or I would quickly find ways to fill my time much like now. But I am so grateful that we are blessed with this amazing getaway.

Fall is such a great time to go as the countryside looks gorgeous awash in fall colors, you can ride the ranger in a hoodie, take long walks and not sweat, and best of all have bonfires. Sadly I am just too stinking busy at home to make the trek - as soon as the election is over I am hightailing it for a weekend of relaxation without a doubt. Hopefully fall will linger a bit longer this year....

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