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10 September 2013

Guatemala - the Market

Every Sunday the village has a huge outdoor market. We were lucky enough to get to go twice during our time in Guatemala. We would go first to do our shopping, then head back to the orphanage and grab all the kids to take them back to the market for goodies or treats.

I still have several sets of Guatemala pictures to share so figured no time like the present to try to catch up. These are from the local market in San Andres Sajcabaja. It was truly a local market and not touristy at all. I LOVED it for this reason.

Plus it felt great to know we were supporting the local economy and people of that village in a positive way. Shopping is always fun, but even more so when you are directly helping others. I wish I would have filled up an extra suitcase with goods to sell back here. Next time I just might as then could have a portion of the proceeds go to the missionaries and orphanage. Just such beautiful textiles and pottery.

Probably the best part of the market was taking the orphanage kids for treats, they had so much fun and were the most patient kids I know waiting for their turn. Amazing.

There were so many more photos I wanted to take and several times I wanted to break out the real camera not the Iphone but the missionaries had told us not to use our big cameras and to not be over the top with pictures as in these small villages it would feel like an invasion of privacy. Which makes total sense as I wouldn't want some stranger taking a bunch of pics of me either during my day to day tasks.


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this makes my heart sing. beautiful.

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"LIBRER√ćA ABC" This is my house jeje...


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