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11 May 2009

Washington DC New Attorney Conference

The week was a whirlwind. It started out innocent enough but once Wednesday Happy Hour hit it was all downhill from there! We had a really fun group for the Happy Hour (after we weeded out the nerdy non partying attorneys). It was a chance to catch up with old friends such as Marie (whom I met in Kuwait) and

Jerry (who I met in Omaha ages ago)

and also meet new friends such as this fun crew from Mobile District (Megan, Andrea, and Michael).

Who would end up being my partners in crime the next few days. Overall the conference was great. Wonderful speakers, lots of information, lots of breaks, photo ops with LTG Van.

But the nightlife was the highlight. We had another happy hour Thursday night which ended up at a random late night stop were we met some cuties from Seal Team Four.

Our late night crew.

Friday was a half day for the conference which was definitely fine by me. So my friend Kimberly (from Iraq) who lives in DC picked me up so we could hit a happy hour with her friends. Notice the happy hour theme here….

Her friends were a lot of fun and we had a very enjoyable time.

However she did have a slight bar injury resulting from broken glass and sandals. The combo of the injury and early start to the cocktail consumption resulted in us calling it a very early night. Probably for the best as we had spa appointments Saturday (which where amazing) and of course some power shopping. A week in DC definitely has me wishing I could take a developmental detail there soon. I know there are no photos of the monuments. I have done that in the past - plus my little brother and I are returning in October for the Army Ten Miler. It will be his first DC experience so plenty of monument taking opportunities then.

I made it home on Sunday just in time for Mother’s Day as of course I can’t miss spending the day with the best mom ever! I couldn’t have asked for a better mom and feel very lucky and blessed everyday that I have her as my mom. I know not everyone is as lucky. Thanks mom for being so great and being not only a stellar mom but my best friend ever. I love you lots and lots.

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