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14 May 2009

April Showers Bring May Flowers

And we have definitely had more than our fair share of showers lately. Seriously its mid May no more rain please, I am begging. I miss the desert and the hot scorching sun. However, all this rain does have a few minor benefits. Like a nice green law and pretty flowers. It’s fun to have a yard again after years of absolutely no yard or at best a tiny concrete patio. Trust me no grass was going to grow in the desert. Anyway after several years of neglect the porch was looking very sad.

I had it redone right before deploying so it had a brand new floor, fresh paint, etc…but definitely looked like no one lived at 211 Park.

After several stops at Westlake, Sherbondy’s, and this fun plant sale.

I was equipped with plants to jazz up the porch.

I had a table sitting around inside that works perfect on the porch. Now I just need to find a porch swing. I have been looking but no luck yet – any suggestions? The house finally looks inviting and not vacant, it will be even better once the plants grow more.

Now the weather must stay nice so I can sit on the porch and enjoy a glass of wine. And about Westlake - the place is going to break me by the end of summer! Everyday I pass by to and fro work and it continues to entice with the wide array of plants, trees, and bushes on showcase -luckily I don’t drive by Sherbondy’s or Muhalls as that would be even worse! Now its time to jazz up the backyard. Hopefully this weekend if Mother Nature cooperates.

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