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04 May 2009

Lincoln National Guard Half Marathon

I did it! I finished my first half marathon and I loved it.

My finish time was 2:04:48. I was 2089 out of 4808 and 170 out of 529 for my age/gender group. Obviously I won’t be winning any awards anytime soon (and to you runners out there I know this is slow) but I was proud of my time. It was my first race and really I just wanted to finish. The fact I finished with a decent time was a bonus.

The run would have not been nearly as fun without this crew. Myself, my little brother, my sister in law (married to the brother that doesn’t run - Erik), Paula, Brandy, and Cathi. We all ran together the first 8 miles or so (well not Justin as he is a guy and too fast for us) and then Christine Cathi and Paula took off while Brandy and I gutted it out. All of the girls finished within about 10 minutes of each other so not bad.

It was so fun to run with a group and have that support system throughout the race. Of course our cool matching shirts sealed the deal. The front said “we run because we drink” and the back said “I’ve been sober way to long how many more miles till the finish?” Classy I know but they were funny and we received a lot of compliments along the way. All of the girl’s husbands and boyfriends (to include my brother Erik) and my mom made the drive to Lincoln to cheer us on. This was very much appreciated as nice to see a familiar face throughout the run cheering you on and taking photos. There were spectators along every part of the race cheering and around 6500 runners. Aide stations were set up about every mile or two with plenty of water, Gatorade, and after the big 9 mile hill snacks. Awesome race. I am definitely looking forward to the Council Bluffs Half Marathon in a month and hoping to improve on my time at least a bit. Just need my slightly sore legs to heal first.

For some reason we thought this was a cool pose...


Kansas Sity Sinic said...


E said...

awesome job, lady! so proud of you! congratulations! i hope you had a nice breakfast afterwards to celebrate!

Melissa Marie said...

Thanks you two! I did have a great breakfast to include a mimosa with the crew and our "cheerleaders" afterwards. It was a reward for the long run. Its nice to have one done and know I can do it.