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22 May 2009

Aeisha's first day outside in Iowa

Well not really, her first experience scared her and me to death and she was back inside within a few minutes. (She escaped by accident in the dead of winter) I know I know, I am going to be the crazy old lady with no children, no husband, just a cat. But she is awesome company and much easier than a husband or children.

Once she decided the great outdoors wasn’t so scary she loved it!

She was exploring all around my yard and the neighbors.

Overall she did great staying in the yard and not running away. She was after the scary snakes that I think are residing under the porch (and probably this nasty shed that is about to be torn down). Such a good little huntress as always!

But now she wants out all the time – I sure hope the weather is nice this weekend so I can work on beautifying the once blank and overgrown backyard and Aeisha can get in some play time and the scary snakes.

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