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12 April 2013

Vegas and the Head's Go Country

This might have been my best trip to Vegas yet. I have had many many great trips to Vegas with friends or with family (and sometimes both) but for some reason this past weekend everything was perfect. We had the coolest hotel room everrrrrr and just a relaxed but crazy good time.

Lots of cowboy boots were packed for the weekend of country music fun.
The weather God's shinned down on us and allowed us several relaxing days poolside to recharge before the evening festivities.
We made our own fun along the way, even if it was just shopping for Koozies and buying wacky shades. Never a dull moment I tell you. In fact some of the most memorable moments were in a cab. There was Croatian driver who might have told Christine "I hope you find your horse tonight" in an accent only Erik can mimic, serenading of a cabbie by Dale to the tune of put your suds in a bucket....and so many more funny stories I would love to share but probably shouldn't.

We heard amazingly talented country artists - essentially anyone and everyone you would pay to see we saw in a span of three days. Most of them for free. Blown away by the talent!

We ran into friends we have made over the years through all the concerts we attend and reconnected.

Of course the main event of the weekend was the ACM Awards which were even better this year than last! Each entertainer was outstanding and the sets were awe inducing. Can't believe we were able to attend again! Lucky us.

Attended quite possible the coolest after party known to man. I mean even Luke Bryan showed up!!! How can you beat that? Well maybe the free champagne in my classy plastic glass might have beat Luke Bryan - that's a toss up.

Honestly though, it wasn't all the concerts, the shopping, the drinks, it was the fact I was able to spend four days with my brother and sister. Just the three of us having a blast away from all commitments and distractions. We had such a great weekend together and never once had an argument or moment of annoyance. I can't remember the last time I have been able to enjoy them so much. So thank you a million times over to everyone that helped make this trip possible and helped make it as special as it was. I feel very very lucky and blessed. So many memories to last a lifetime - many of which of course were not repeated on this blog for the safety and reputation of all involved.....I kid we were tame but we certainly had fun.

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