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24 April 2013

NMC Council Bluffs Open House

NMC has a location in Council Bluffs and they had an open house to celebrate their first year of business. Normally not sure how jazzed I would be to go to a CAT equipment open house. But this one had two major selling points. 1. You get to drive a skid loader through an obstacle course and 2. My brother Erik works there now!

It truly was a great event - they had awesome BBQ, lots of drinks, fun prizes to win, and the highlight of the event was for sure the skid loader course!
I can't believe they really let rookies like me drive this sucker! After a quick set of instructions I was off.

Shockingly I didn't knock over a single cone or hit anything. Score for me. My time was like 2:18 with the fastest being :58, but hey I'm not a professional like that dude and it was my first time ever driving one of these!

It truly was pretty fun - I think we need one for the farm so we can do all kinds of dirt and yard work. Right? Thanks Erik for not being embarrassed by your crazy sister. If you need any equipment Erik is guy to call!

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