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29 April 2013

Easter - a Bit Delayed

Better late than never right? Our version of a family Easter this year - a trip to Niobrara with the two "crazy" Uncles, my parents, and grandpa. So many great memories and fun times. Only thing better would have been if my brothers and sister (soon to be sisters) could have joined us. Well according to my mom I am sure grandkids would make it a million times better!

The weather was mostly cold and rainy but luckily one day cooperated enough that I was able to drag everyone out of the cabin and to the farm for a walk and fresh air. Some were more cooperative than others.....

Izzy of course is always game for an outdoor adventure.
Loved having the whole family together for a weekend of great home cooked meals, cards, planning where to build a little shack in the woods, and relaxing.

Proof that I really was present. Taking down someone's turkey hut that was illegally placed on our property. Real kicker was the owner showed up while I was in the process and actually decided to get mad and argue with me about this "right" to have the hut on our property. People amaze me at times.

So lucky we have this place to escape as a family!

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