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25 April 2013

Justin's Farmhouse Progress

I have been slacking on the pictures of Justin's awesome farmhouse. I really need a nice sorta sunny day where I can take some pictures of our three finished rooms (the master bedroom, workout room, and living room)! Until then you are stuck with random Iphone pictures of in progress rooms. Right now I am tackling the stairway. Brutal  but will so be worth it in th end! You can already see a huge difference in these few photos with just the little bit of paint I removed.

Last night I actually got most of the paint off all the railings - but still some work to do. Thinking a nice crsip white for the walls. Also debating stripping that window you see down to wood instead of painting white like we did the other windows. What would you all do?

So wish I could devote more time or have a team of helpers for this project as the "to do" list is always way longer than the allocated time. I'm sure my brother is getting quite anxious to move in.

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