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28 September 2011

Omaha Half Marathon 2011

I felt highly unprepared for this race – but that seems to be the story of my running career. It was a very chilly morning, and my Garmin was dead :( Things were not looking good for me and the Omaha Half! Luckily the weather improved and it turned out to be a great (although VER VERY hilly) race with my two best running buddies.

Miraculously even with no watch/Garmin, several beers the night prior at a wedding, and a light training schedule I still managed to finish with a 2:12 time. Not my fastest but not my worst either. My 10k split was 1:00 which was decent. Overall wish I would have pushed myself a lil more but with no clue how fast I was going it was quite difficult. Amazing how dependent one gets on technology!

*Thank you lil bro Erik and Mike for cheering us on!!!

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Lauren@BaylorSays... said...

Wow!! Super impressed...I had a short running career that looked promising for 6 months last year until I gave up from incredibly fierce shin splints. Thinking of picking it up again. You've inspired me! :-)