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02 May 2011

Lincoln Half Marathon 2011

Yesterday was the Lincoln Half Marathon. I felt highly unprepared for this race. I had skipped several long runs and have been battling sinuses or something the last month so just not feeling tip top. So I was NERVOUS and expecting my slowest half marathon to date. However the crowd support and general excitement of the Lincoln Half is hard to beat – ready or not it gets you motivated.

I started off with the 2:05 pacers as figured I would stick with that till tired and then just run whatever pace I could without dying. I managed to stay with the group until about mile 7 (resulting in a 58:55 10k which is good for me) and then slowed down some. Looking back I probably could have pushed myself harder but overall happy with my finish time.

I ended up with a 2:09:11 finish (9:52 average mile). Nothing to write home about but nothing to be disappointed over either (I have averaged anything from 2:04-2:15 for half marathons to date). Hoping I can push a lil more (and be less sick) at The Gambler Half in a few weeks and get a 2:05 finish.

*sadly took very few photos. Not a single photo of our whole group! And no photos of my lil brother who also raced!


E said...

thanks for your comment on my blog, melissa!

awesome job at the half marathon! i haven't run a half marathon in forever, and honestly, i'm scared to do one again! you had a great time and you look great in your photos! congratulations!!

Lissa said...

great job! I am training right now for a half in june! Had to do 6 miles this week! I forgot how long that feels!