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23 May 2011

The Gambler Race Report

I don’t think I can rave enough about how great The Gambler was. Packet pick up was very smooth and the free pasta dinner was excellent. Race day was very organized. Great instructions with where to park, plenty of restrooms, etc…The individuals that ran the race this year did amazing. My favorite was the many water stops; I don’t think I ever went more than about a mile and a half without water. It was great having water available so often on the course. Even better was that I ended up knowing someone at almost every single water stop! It was so fun to run into a friendly face and have a few words of encouragement before tacking more miles. The police officers also did a superb job and offered up a friendly smile throughout the race. And of course my amazing family that shows up to support us crazy runners.

Just a great great race day and the weather was perfect as well (although quite windy at times)! Thanks to everyone that volunteered to help with the race and to all of the spectators that cheered us on. My race time was very similar to the Lincoln Marathon a few weeks ago – a tad bit slower (probably due to all my chatting with the volunteers along the way) I ended up with 2:09:58 so right under 2:10 which was my goal (wishful thinking would have been 2:05 – someday!).

Our next half marathon won’t be till fall. Right now I need to work on speed for an upcoming 5k and recover from the last two half’s. After the race we rewarded ourselves with Harrah’s buffet as seemed legit – and found out my lovely sister-in-law placed second in her age division! Great job Christine!!!

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E said...

awesome job, melissa! great race! i am so jealous- i want to get back up to 13! you are motivating me!!! (and you look so cute in your running skirt, BTW)