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18 February 2010

Winter Olympics

Are addictive. I start watching and get caught up in it. The sheer talent amazes me. How does one compete these harrowing tasks? I just can’t even fathom as am seriously lacking in talent when it comes to athleticism. I can’t even imagine having a dream to be an Olympic athlete. Skiing is a challenge for me so the thought of racing downhill at 70+ mph is terror inducing! Congrats to Lindsey Vonn on her gold yesterday. I loved seeing her emotionally charged reaction when she finished.

Almost brought tears to my eyes! Anyone else hooked on the Winter Olympics? That being said I also can’t believe how dangerous the Olympics are this year, a death, and so many injuries. I just don’t remember such crazy crashes in past years! The gorgeous scenery also makes me want to visit Canada sooner rather than later.

*Photos from www.vancouver2010.com and www.lindseyvonn.com

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paula said...

we don't have cable or any sort of tv reception so we have been watching playbacks on the computer, so good.