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08 February 2010

San Diego, California

Since I’ve been home over a week figured it’s time I share photos! I loved San Diego –the weather was gorgeous, so many fun things to do, and the city was easy to navigate. We went to the Gas Lamp District several nights. I loved the Shout House.

I also really enjoyed RA Sushi and Pinkberry (wish we had a Pinkberry here!). For lunch we dined at an awesome restaurant on the bay and also went to Little Italy

And at ate Phillipi’s.

Great Italian and quite cheap. Old Towne was on the agenda one night for Happy Hour (mega cheap margaritas).

Shopping, and dinner. While there I spied Mexican Vanilla for $20, the exact same vanilla I had bought my aunt a day earlier in Tijuana for only $2!! I was quite pleased with myself for the bargain, until one of the wiser guys in our group pointed out that I risked my life to save $18. Ok maybe not so brilliant. Speaking of Tijuana a few guys and I boarded the trolley for Tijuana.

The trolley ride alone was an experience - the closer we got to the border we definitely became the minority for several reasons. Then we crossed over the border (along with 100’s of students).

And entered Mexico (no passport required to enter, but definitely required to exit).

Downtown Tijuana, MX was a ghost town. Seemed surreal that there was no one around and several shops closed.

A huge change from the last time I visited with a church mission group. We still managed a bit of shopping.

And of course Margaritas (and churros for the trolley ride back).

I was not kidnapped and actually felt quite safe the entire time. Since I obviously consumed a bit of alcohol and a lot of food I made sure to wake up for a morning run every day (well I skipped one day….).

It was easy to motivate myself out of bed when I knew I had sunny weather in the 60’s and views like this.

I loved the bay. The view of the city from across the bay is gorgeous.

As were all the sailboats lined up.

I even saw the cutest boxer with his owner heading out for a day at sea.

I also thought this looked like the best mode of transportation to and from the airport!

Photos from the San Diego Zoo to come later this week. In case anyone is wondering I did attend class while there as well so it wasn’t all play.


Jesse said...

Looks like lots of fun! I wish some of that nice weather was happening around here.

paula said...

such fun. I have always wanted to try pinkberry, sounds yummy.

X-Country2 said...

If I could talk my husband, parents, adn friend into moving, I'd be in San Diego in a hot second. Great pics.

Melissa said...

Thanks you guys. I loved San Diego as well and could really use some of that nice weather right now!

Paula Pinkberry was very good! I wish we had one in the Midwest.