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15 April 2014


I almost bought a lake house on a whim this weekend. I saw it online Thursday, fell in love with it Saturday when we did a viewing, and put in an offer (that felt crazy high to me for a tiny little place with more or less one bedroom and zero closet space) on Sunday. What the…??? Insane.


Sadly I didn’t get said house. Someone else offered even more, I assume full asking price. Kudos to the new owners, although I might cry if they  bought it only to tear down charming house on the lake with it’s cute guest “cottage” and build condos in its place. I will admit I did cry on Sunday several times while trying to decide if I wanted this house, for some reason the thought of selling my house (that has been in our family longer than I’ve been alive) and half my possessions just seemed sad and overwhelming. Today I look back and think good grief I need to not be so attached to things. Of course now I want a lake house bad and there are no good prospects left.  

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