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01 March 2013


Sequestration starts today for all federal workers. Pretty certain there are many four day work weeks in my future.
Many trips to this slice of paradise to maximize the long weekends we are surely going to be granted.
Is it bad I am slightly excited about this? It’s like a mini vacation/break without using up leave. Granted it also means a significant cut to the paycheck which is never a bonus. However, sometimes a slower pace and a break from this rat race of life is just what the Dr. ordered.
I am going to be positive and if we do get furloughed take it as a sign I needed some time off and find creative ways to make up for that 20% loss of cash.
Anyone else dealing with the possibility of a furlough? Are you looking forward to a short work week for several months? Do you have any creative money making ideas? I might offer up mulch delivery and spreading services. Sounds wacky I know but I love doing it and guessing there are plenty of people in my area that don’t have a truck, time, or the desire to do this themselves but want a pretty well nourished yard.
For those worried about the financial impacts of this furlough another perfect bible verse sent to me yesterday by my cousin Sarah. He will protect and provide for all.
“and my God will meet all your needs according to the riches of his glory in Christ Jesus” Philippians 4:19 

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