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28 March 2013

Stripping Doors

I have been spending whatever free time I can muster up (not much) out at Justin's awesome farmhouse but the progress feels slow. The living room is a lot larger than I imagined so stripping wood was quite the chore. But totally worth it once done. These are all blurry Iphone pics taken late at night when most work gets done. One of these days I'll take real pics of finished rooms. For now a door rehab project - before it was an awesome baby blue and white combo. (the woodwork was that same lovely baby blue as well) Fancy:
Obviously not really the look anyone prefers these days. We were going to just have the doors professionally dipped but turns out this is quite spendy and my brother is on a budget. I decided to give the ol stripper a try since I had some left anyway.
Voila!!!! Amazing the difference right?!? Or at least I think so. It took several hours but wasn't awful (other than all the window panes). It is FAR from perfect but it looks aged and clean. One more coat of poly a lil steel wool and the door will be ready.
Try not to be insanely jealous of that awesome pink dinning room and woodwork. I have a major love affair with pink but that color and combination doesn't even appeal to me!

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