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29 March 2013

The Arch

While in St Louis for the fun and craziness of Arch Madness Basketball my dad wanted to check out the Arch. Our hotel was right across the street so even though it was a drizzly day seemed worth the short trek.

I had actually went up in the Arch once before with my brothers but my parents didn't accompany us. My mom wanted nothing to do with the tiny compartments they cram you into so my dad and I went solo.

It was actually WAY smaller at the top than I remember (isn't that how it always happens ;)) but still some really cool views of St Louis

You could see for miles and I would imagine on a clear sunny day even better

It was $10 a person to travel up the arch and I would certainly recommend it for anyone in the area. A fun experience and the birds eye view is a bonus. Even if you don't want to test you claustaphobicness - like I did - it's a fun area to go walk around and enjoy the views of the Arch and river.

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