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01 February 2012

Rustic Water Pump as Art???

We need spice in our cabin. Until we can accumulate neat paintings or other works of art - random photos I have snapped of the farm will have to suffice. This hydrant is one contender. But debating which of the photos would be best….

It’s going to hang over our couch and be fairly large in size. Any thoughts??

I am thinking the more close up shots as then more artsy and not just a random photograph? Plus love that it says "Iowa" as our homestate. Also hate the power line that shows up in one of the photos....


Pinecone Camp said...

I love this water pump. I'd go for the top image, to enlarge. I like seeing some of the background and the fence. Just my two cents worth ;)
Have a lovely day!

The Farmer's Trophy Wife said...

I vote for the closest image...pretty colors!!!