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30 January 2012

These Boots are Jinxed!

I ordered these lovely boots last May from the Fort Western in Lincoln. I was told 4-6 weeks. 8+ weeks passed with no boots. After several phone calls I was finally informed they were backordered and would arrive “maybe” in October. WHAT??? It is not ok for you to hold money until at least October, and even worse was that you never called to update me on this change. Epic Fail Fort!

Recently a local feed store in town Lakeside Country Store started carrying boots (thanks for the tip Carol) and I was elated to find the same boots on the shelf! Yipppeee these boots are mine after all (bonus I had Christmas money to spend). I was super excited when only a week later they arrived. I picked them up only to notice parts of the boot were dark like expected and parts were a weird light brown. The salesladies told me they were just dry in those spots and with oil they will be fine. No worries, I’ll just wait while you fix them or I can come back later to pick up if that works better. Nope – I was told to just buy the oil and fix myself. I am sorry but these are brand spanking new $200+ boots. I am not going to “fix” them myself before I even wear them. Guess it was not my destiny to own those boots! I am disappointed in the poor customer service of both the Fort and Lakeside.

Fresh start as I am now determined to find cute new boots. All my country Blogger friends have been raving about Lane Boots. And I am impressed with their selection, plus the turquoise soles make these the Christian Louboutin version of boots.

I am pretty certain I want turquoise in the mix. I have narrowed it down::

I also love these two options (the Blue is Creighton blue and the silver/bronze is just fancy):

I REALLY need input. Any favorites?? Which pair would you get?? Also any discount codes available? I know last week Horses and Heels had one but at that time I thought my dream boots were already en route....Odo I keep trying for the original pair???


Anonymous said...

I like the last turquoise pair you posted. Those are awesome! Besides Lane Boots, I also love Corral. I just bought turquoise & brown tall top ones w/ a turquoise eagle inlay in the top. You can't go wrong with turquoise & brown!

Raquel said...

I just saw this : ) I of course love Lane boots too! I love the turquoise bottom & the Loubie analogy. My favorite are the all turquoise pair for sure. I don't have any Lane Boots either but that is definitely changing soon... Oh & there may be new promo codes in the future too : )