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23 January 2012

Almost as Good as Country Roads

I live in “the city” ( big city dwellers may debate this fact) but am lucky that I have several great trail systems for running and biking within a few miles of my home.

One is Wabash Trace Nature Trail which I grew up near. Fond memories of soccer practice runs, walks with friends, and Thursday night Taco Rides.

It is still my go-to trail for long runs (although lately the River trail seems to top the list). It sure beats running through town with constant traffic, stop lights, and cat calls.

Luckily yesterday we had a high of around 45 degrees and no rain or snow for a small fraction of the day so I was able to squeeze 9 miles in. The best part was running into two of my close friends and fitness cohorts while out running! Seems everyone was capitalizing on the rare warm January weather.

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