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22 October 2014

Pipe Dreams

I have a thing for broken down old houses. Everytime I see one I want to  save it, fix it up, make it beautfiul again. Of course what do we have next door to our new place in Vieques. This adorable broken down old house.

I without a doubt need to save this right?? Even if for no other reason than for the aesthitics of my home there. Plus how cool to have two side by side places, a perfect spot for extra guests. Now I just need to determine who the owner is and convince them to sell it to me cheap!

While I am at it might as well purchase this cute little gem of a shop. It is just a few steps from our street and on the main drag. A great place for the retail shop I always dream of. Import or source locally for great home furnishings and accessories. There is nothing simliar (that I know of) on the island.

Probably should at least see how much this building is.....Obvoiusly it too needs a little TLC but that's the fun part.

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