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27 October 2014

A Weekend of Rest

Everytime I am able to escape to our land in Niobrara I can't help but feel blessed and at peace. It's so gorgeous, there is nothing around to obstruct nature's beauty, nothing to pull at my time and attention. It's the perfect chance to unwind, repriotize, and just enjoy this gorgeous place.


I mean really anywhere you can waunder around looking like a total fool in Halloween PJ pants and cowboy boots without a soul noticing seems like a win to me. The weather cooperated and we were able to enjoy long walks, ranger rides, and picnics. All very much needed for my soul after a few months of crazy.

Always hard to leave this place, especially with views and sunsets like this. I easily could have stayed one more day, or maybe a month! But it was goodbye for now Niobrara.

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