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14 November 2011

Glitter Goodness for my Camera!!!

This is something I must steal and recreate!! How perfect is this camera strap?? And just in time for holiday festivities!!

you will need:
course glitter // mod podge // fabric glue // rhinestones

Step One
mix mod podge & glitter, adding one part course glitter to two parts mod podge in a small bowl
Step Two
brush on to strap and let dry
Step Three
apply a second layer and let dry
Step Four
you may wish to apply a third layer [optional]
Step Five
apply rhinestones to the ends of the strap, with fabric or crazy glue
Step Six
and that's it! easy, easy [a glimpse of the finished project here]

I found this idea on this is Glamorous (all images, photography & layout by funkytime, as well as how-to instructions)

1 comment:

{Oh Sweet Escape} said...

i wonder if i could do the same thing to my shoes! i'm sort of obsessed with glitter :)