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07 November 2011

Beer and Bagel

This was my first year for the Beer and Bagel Run. The morning was pretty chilly but once we started running the temperature seemed perfect. For some reason though I just had no energy for the run and definitely no speed.

I managed to be a klutz and trip over some obstacle at the very start and it threw me off the entire run. Plus the hills were killer and the three creeks we ran through added a lil to my time as well. Final results:

Gun Time: 46:02
Net Time: 44:56
Pace: 11:14
Overall Place: 1355 of 2106
Place in Gender: 683 of 1261
Division F3034 Place: 184 of 321

Definitely nothing to write home about or get excited over. More of a motivator that I need to get back into running on a regular basis and push myself harder. But bad time aside it was a blast! The course is scenic and a lot of people dress up. After the run you are able to get unlimited beer and there was a fun DJ cranking out tunes. Who doesn’t love a party at 10 am on a Sunday???

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