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08 July 2011


I love going to the river, finding that perfect sandbar, and soaking up the sun.

This year the sandbars are under water and the river is more or less off limits. Luckily my dad felt the need to spend a decent chunk of time in Bomgaars so I was left to browse and found this gem.

It was the perfect way to relax and get a bit of sun at our cabin while staying cool!!

The fancy hat was also snagged during said Bomgaars trip!! Who knew Bomgaars could net such finds.


rebecca said...

haha. perfect way to cool off.

christi @ burlap and basil said...

oh my gosh this is genius! my mama and i bought one for the grandbabies for her house but i never thought of using it as an adult! stick your chair in there and read all day. delish!