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12 February 2015

Winter wonderland Weeked

A few weekends ago while we were cheering on the Creighton Jays at a basketball game it started to snow. At the time they were predicted maybe four inches. My parents suggested I should come home with them and hibernate in the shack with a fire and movies. I figured why not. It has heat, we just got the sate light installed so endless tv options, I had a book I was reading, and lots of cozy blankets, plus wine and snacks.

I woke up the next morning to way more than four inches of snow! But man was it gorgeous. I love when it snows out in the country. Everything has the pretty blanket of white and it sparkles.

It had snowed all night and was still snowing pretty heavily. Big gorgeous flakes. Without a doubt I was grateful it was Sunday and I was in no hurry to get anywhere.

Instead I decided might as well throw more logs ion the fire, find a few movies (as the sate light quit working), and relax with some wine. Quite the perfect snowed in Sunday. Don't worry I didn't drink even half of this wine!

I easily could have stayed snowed in another day or two. Was awesome to not have anywhere I needed to be and no "chores" to be done. Nothing to do but truly chill. So glad my parents fixed this adorable shack back up. I'm always so proud of my dad and brothers that they built this from scratch. It's the perfect easy hideaway when needed.

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