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05 February 2015

Niobrara Winter Weekends

A little escape to the country and laid back way of life is always a welcome idea to me. I love that we have Niobrara. Obviously the most fun is the summer when you can spend most of your time outdoors. But even in the winter the fireplace cozies up the place and makes it appealing.

Flannel sheets, PJs, and a great book are always a plus during the cold winter months. I read this book in two days as was so engrossed and wanted to read it before the movie. Wow is all I can say. If you haven't read the book or seen the movie yet hop to it. Such great insight on the war and its impact on those in the country, the terrosits, our brave service members, and their families.

Of course our cozy fireplace means we burn through wood like crazy. Luckily there is always an abundance of dead overgrown trees to choose from. This time I had Erik who was much more skilled than I to help with the wood gathering process.


It was cold, real cold one day. But the light dusting of snow was so pretty and Izzy loves to run around and I love fresh air. A few layers and we were able to get out at least a little each day.


And funny enough we all ended up dressed in flannel one night for an outting at Sportsman's. Must be the new cool thing to wear.

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