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05 December 2014

Welcoming December with a Holiday Porch


I have all kinds of outdoor décor but decided to mix it up this year and go simple with burlap and a few splashes of red. I never do red but loved the fun Merry Christmas burlap I stumbled upon during a quick Wal-mart shopping excursion. Next thing I knew I had material to whip together a few pillows, red ornaments, and burlap for the greens. My resourceful brother grabbed me all the fresh greens for free from the place he bought my tree for indoor.

I still need to finish the front urns, add some garland, sweep the dirt off the porch (keeping it real), and a holiday door mat but it feels festive and fun when I come home so overall I would call it a win. Now I just need the sun to shine so I can capture the indoor festiveness.

I am on a bit of a pillow making kick lately. It’s such an easy, fast, inexpensive way to spruce up a space. I made three pillows in less than an hour for under $12 total. Granted they are less than perfect, but if I took a smidge more time they could look even better.

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