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20 December 2014

Las Iguanas Before Rennovations

I spent about six hours cleaning our new Beach shack like a crazy person before my parents arrived. It is amazing what a lot of elbow grease and Clorox can do to spruce a place up. The few fun new bright clean accessories I brought along helped as well.

Fresh flowers and fun new furniture help as well. I made several trips to the local plant store and smuggled a piece of Ikea furniture over in my luggage


I also ditched some very dirty dingy rugs and heavy curtains.

Towards the end of the week we got our new Woodstock coffee table. It adds a fun pop of color plus was made locally which I like.

We have a LONG ways to go but it already looks brighter and felt cleaner than our last visit. Can't wait to show after photos and entice many of you to rent our little island gem for a week.

Next on the list is new windows, new paint, a whole new bathroom, new covers for the couch/chairs, new pillows, curtains, and some unfun improvements such as roof fixing and a parking area.

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