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26 November 2014

Shed Crushing

The country shed at my parents is still very much a work in progress. I'm not afraid to admit I did NOTHING on it for several months.

However, now that I found out the fireplace actually works great (my dad hates real fires and initially claimed it was broken....) I am motivated to finish the sprucing so I can enjoy some cozy weekend nights snuggled up.

I did manage to sneak away from lives duties last weekend for a few hours of relaxation and to add a few new touches.

Next up is hanging curtains, a bit more furniture, finishing the baseboards, and some art or wood in the bedroom.

My new girl crush Sarah Schneider not only has the camper of my dreams she also has a very very perfect shed, of course stocked full of anthroplogy goodies.


Because of her I did buy that cute turquoise bar cart from Ikea.

What do you all think? Do wood to match the wall of the shed upstairs in the bedroom area as well? It looks cozy in Sarah's place (first name basis is totally normal right, I'm not a stalker or anything....).

I do wish my almost perfect shed had a bathroom - game changer that would be! Probably not all that difficult to add as there is electricty and water right nearby.

All the photos of Sarah's amazing place are from her website Love, Sarah Schneider. Follow her on instagram for all kinds of cuteness.

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